My Artwork

Original Artwork Created by: 
Shauna Passic Williams 
*Artwork copyrighted 2012-2016 Shauna Passic Williams, of Artistically Shauna. 
All rights reserved. Please do not copy images. Thanks for your support!*

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Watercolor Paintings
Floral Paintings

Sunset at the Boat Dock Painting (inspired by one of my father's gorgeous photographs)


Faces Study Watercolor Illustrations
 Acrylic and Marker Paintings

 Hand-Drawn/Digitally Colored Drawings

My Manga Style Illustrations

 Hand-Drawn Children's Book Illustrations

Hand-drawn Stationary Items
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Educational Items I Have Created with My Own Illustrations
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Boy and Girl Elf Puppets
I'm A Little Teapot Printable Puppet

Little Miss Baker Puppet Art Project

Little Red Riding Hood Drawing Activity Book

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