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The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton Review

                                                        The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton

In January I was excited to have discovered Peanut Butter Fingers Blog for many reasons. Julie is the blog author and she is an amazingly healthy person who shares her fitness expertise, healthy meals, and life experiences. If you want to be motivated to live a healthier life style or just want to read a great blog, make sure to go and check out.

When I first read Julie's blog I happened to catch her post about a Book Club she does on her blog. Years ago I belonged to a book club and I loved meeting with my group of friends to read great books together and to enjoy each others company. I LOVE reading, but haven't had as much time as I would like to read over the last couple of years. So, I thought that joining Peanut Butter Fingers online book club would be a lot of fun and boy am I glad I did because I truly loved reading The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton.

The Secret Keeper Book Review

I think that Kate Morton's book, The Secret Keeper is brilliant. It has been a while since I completely immersed my self in a book that I couldn't put down. Especially the last half of the book, I was up very late a few nights in a row because I simply didn't want to stop reading. I was lost in the plot.

The Secret Keeper has quiet a few plot twists that you don't expect and it is a mystery full of dreams, friendships, family secrets, and innocent love. I love reading books, but I am not one to like books with a lot of swearing, violence, or sexual explicit parts. The Secret Keeper is a very clean read whose contents don't distract from the amazing story that is told.

The story goes back and forth in between the 1940's, the 1960's, and present time 2011. The story follows Laurel, who one afternoon in 1961 escapes to a tree house on the families farm. While relaxing in the tree house, Laurel who is sixteen years old, witnesses a shocking crime that challenges everything she knows about her nearly perfect mother Dorothy and her family.

Fifty years later Laurel is a successful and well-regarded actress who lives in London. Her mother Dorothy is celebrating her ninetieth birthday, and feeling like Laurel doesn't have much time left with her mother, she decides it is time to start asking her mother questions about the event that happened the afternoon that the stranger came to their farm so long ago.

The answers to Laurel's questions can only be answered and found in her mother Dorothy's past. Dorothy's story takes the reader from pre-WWII England through the blitz, the 1960's, and the present. Three strangers that meet by chance, Dorothy, Vivien, and Jimmy, during wartime England, lives become forever intertwined by events that will change their lives forever.

Kate Morton is able to paint such a vivid picture of where the story takes place, the events that happen, and before you know it you feel like you are back in time during the 1940's sharing the characters life stories.

The Secret Keeper is an unforgettable story that you can not predict what happens even up to the last few pages, and it is a story that you won't ever forget.

I highly recommend reading The Secret Keeper, and I can't wait to purchase one of Kate's other books that she has published.
If you want to read more about this amazing Australian author, or see other books she has written, head on over to Kate Morton's Website:

I look forward to reading the next book club pick. Have you read this book or another book by Kate Morton? What did you think.


Unknown said...

Hi Shauna,
Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. I just saw it this morning! I love Kate Morton's books also. Did you read "The Forgotten Garden", it was one of our favorites here at the library.

Shauna said...

Dorothy, Thanks for stopping by. I actually have "The Forgotten Garden" on my list of books to read, so I am so glad to hear that it is a favorite at your library. Take Care!