Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our Friends are a Part of Disney's Make Your Mark Dance Competition

I took dance for 19 years and both of my daughters currently take dance. So, needless to say we love dancing! My daughter's both love watching Shake It Up, a Disney television show, and tomorrow is Disney's Make Your Mark Shake It Up Dance Off.
There were over 90,000 entries who entered the Make Your Mark Dance Competition and only six finalists were chosen. We were THRILLED to find out that three of our friends kids were chosen as finalists for the show: Starley and Chris (siblings) and their younger brother Levi who is a part of the Bx5 crew (pictured on the far left) are all amazing dancers.
* UPDATE- Yipee, Starley and Chris are one of the top three finalists and have moved on to the final competition which airs on Sunday. Don't forget to head on over to Disney to vote.
CLICK HERE to see all six finalist audition videos, as well as video clips introducing the finalists.
We used to be neighbors with these amazing kids and their family, we went to the same church, and my daughter's took dancing from the dance studio that their parents own. Starley helped teach my oldest daughter's dance class, and their mom Jennifer, was my younger daughter's dance teacher. We spent time eating over at their house enjoying their famous tacos, scrapbooking, and playing games. Boy do I miss those tacos!
I can tell you first hand that not only are Starley, Chris, and Levi all amazing dancers (as well as their other younger brother and sister who are not in the competition) but they are all really great kids, who come from a really great family. Starley is one of the sweetest girls I know, and when we lived in Washington I would always enjoy visiting with her, and my daughter's always looked up to her.  
Register Now to Vote on October 19th

Tomorrow, Friday, Oct. 19th at 8p/7c, the Make Your Mark Dance Off Competition airs. After the show is over you have 2 hours to vote for Starley and Chris or Levi's Group Bx5! There are three different ways you can vote: texting, toll-free phone call, and online.

So, go check it out, have fun watching some great dances tomorrow night, and if you get a chance, vote for these great kids. No matter the end results of the show, I know that these kids are going to go far in life.

Good luck you guys! We are so excited for you!


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