Tuesday, April 3, 2012

1980's Vintage Barbie Sticker Fun Books by Golden Book

Anyone remember these amazingly fun“Barbie Sticker Fun Books by Golden Books”? I remember spending hours playing with them and putting them together. The corner of each book says: “Precut Stickers, Lick, Stick, Color”. To use these sticker books you simply popped out the stickers, applied moisture to the backs (which most the time meant licking them), and then stuck them onto the coloring pages. Each page could then be colored for even more added fun!

The illustrations on these sticker books are fantastic and they are such a great piece of Barbie history. Each page screams the 1980's and many I even still have a few of the clothes pictured that my daughters now play with.
The Barbie Sticker Fun “Fun Fashions” book pictured is from 1984. In this book Barbie and Ken set off to have different exciting adventures with each other. The back cover contains three Barbie Bookmarks that be cut out.

My Barbie Sticker Fun “Fashion Portfolio” book is from 1988. The back cover has a picture of a Barbie doll with a blank dress and it says, “Design a dress for me! Using your crayons, draw in a fabric pattern and perhaps some trims (buttons, bows, lace…) for this dress. This Barbie Sticker book is full of casual wear and evening wear fashion outfits for Barbie.

The third Barbie Sticker Fun book pictured is from 1989. The back cover of this book contains a paper doll that can be cut out and a dress you can decorate. It says, “You’ll have hours of fashion fun with this Barbie paper doll and party dress…!” In this book Barbie not only has fun fashion clothing styles, but her hair styles are amazing as well (very true to the fashions of the 1980’s). Leave it to Barbie to be the fashion icon!

All three of these awesome unused Barbie Sticker Fun books are being sold in my Artistically Shauna Etsy Shop (artisticallyshauna.etsy.com). 

Do you remember playing with these types of sticker books? If so, which ones did you have?

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