Thursday, March 29, 2012

Swamped - Illustration Friday

This weeks Illustration Friday topic was Swamp. I decided to take my own spin on the word and came up with my version of Swamped.  "Lilian was swamped at work and didn't know how she would ever get caught up."

At first I had thought about doing a painting of a swamp with an alligator barely visible above the water. My oldest daughter thought I should definitely do that. However, the more I thought of it I kept getting this visual of a businesswomen sitting at a desk, "swamped" with piles of papers, not knowing if she would ever make her deadlines.

I originally sketched this drawing in pencil, I then scanned it into the computer, and then used my new birthday present, a Wacom Intuos 4 Professional Pen Tablet, to color it in. After years of talking about Wacom Tablets to my husband, he surprised me with one for my birthday. If anyone out there is thinking of buying one of these tablets, let me just tell you, they are even more amazing in person. I am in love with mine. Since my birthday was just yesterday I have a lot to learn. So, if anyone knows of any great websites with awesome tutorials, let me know!

Have a great weekend!


Anna said...

Urgh. God. I can totally relate to that character.
Great job on the hair and the legs. Two of some of the most annoying parts to draw!

Antonella said...

I had the same idea as you for 'swamp.' Except I kept picturing a student swamped with work. Well done!

Lindsey & Kurtis said...

I love this. Perfect picture for the word swamped. Although I think I would like the picture of a swamp with a little alligator poking out, too. Maybe you should sketch one of those as well. :)